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Simo-tek is not only a silicone and plastic mold and parts manufacturer in China, with it’s strong sourcing and projects operation team, Simo-tek could help clients to develop comprehensive products which include different materials, complicated surface treatment, packing, PCBA, accessories like wire, earphone, battery, chargers, LED lights etc...

Mold Making and Prototyping - according to the confirmed mold design, Simo-tek will order LKM mold base(HASCO OR DEM like MIC) and mold steel.

A. Material certification will be offered if we confirmed using imported steel, like imported S136 and NAK80 etc...
B. Mold making schedule will be offered and updated every week, in Simo-tek, it’s usually on Monday or Tuesday.
C. Prototyping. CNC, SLA and silicone mold prototyping for our clients to test the function or assembly.

Products Manufacturing - After T1 samples and mass order confirmation, Simo-tek starts products manufacturing. We own many injection, compression and die-casting machines, which allow us could make sure the accurate delivery date for our clients.

Sourcing and Project Management - Simo-tek could make surface treatment, assembly, packing in it’s workshop, if the project is with any other accessories like wire, earphone, battery, chargers, LED lights etc..., Simo-tek will help our clients to purchase those parts and make the final whole set product.