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Simo-tek owns a very strong engineer team (over 20+ engineers and designers) to cooperate with its clients for engineering discussion, solution and mold design.

DFM -  After confirm the design and the order, Simo-tek will offer an analysis report for the every details of the design to mold. In this processing, we may offer some design suggestions for real production and of course, we will confirm the mold design in the first stage, like gating, parting line etc...

2D/3D mold design - After DFM discussion, Simo-tek will process mold design.  In general, our professional engineers will offer the mold design within 1 week.

Scanning and 3D making -  This is an extra service for those clients who don’t have 3D drawings. In general, we need product 3D for mold design, if the client only has the samples, Simo-tek could help you to make scanning for the sample and draw a 3D for your confirmation.
                       <01  - Professional 2D mold design >
                    02 - Professional 3D design (part drawing)
                     03- Professional 3D design (whole drawing)