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Simo-tek is very serious in design stage, we are dedicated in working with you to get a good design and find solution to start project. In general, there are three aspects of our design analysis service.

Idea to design - When you have a good idea but cannot find a good design company, our engineer department could work it for you or we could  help you to introduce some of design companies to you, as we have many clients who are design companies.

Design discussion - If you already have made the design and sent drawings to us for analysis and quotation, our engineer team will give you feedback if the design is with any defects or which cannot be made in real production. Our sales department will discuss it clearly and confirm the design with you in the last.

Solution - A good design which is suitable for mass production will win the market in the first step. Simo-tek will suggest all the possibilities of production methods for cost saving , it expects a win-win relationship and long term cooperation with it’s clients.